An Educated, Diverse Workforce 

With access to 33 top universities in the area, Arlingtonians are leaders, visionaries and innovators. We’re diversely educated, and we work on the forefront, driving an annual economic impact of $22.2 billion from UT Arlington and alumni to the State of Texas. 

Equally crucial for growth and innovation in Arlington, Texas, is the availability of a skilled workforce to support businesses and propel the community forward. Arlington boasts a regional workforce of considerable size, with resources committed to partnering with businesses to assess and fulfill their workforce needs.

Arlington and the surrounding region are home to a diverse array of educational institutions, including prestigious colleges and universities. With several institutions offering a wide range of courses of study, Arlington's educational landscape serves as a cornerstone of the local economy. These institutions not only produce a talented workforce but also provide a vital link to some of the country's top researchers and programs.

This rich educational ecosystem offers numerous opportunities for collaboration between academia and industry, fostering innovation and driving economic growth. By leveraging the resources and talent available in Arlington, businesses can position themselves for success in today's competitive landscape.


students graduate from DFW-Arlington area higher education institutes


students enrolled in DFW-Arlington area colleges & universities


Nestled within Tarrant County, Arlington boasts a formidable workforce, drawing skilled professionals from neighboring cities due to its thriving job market. This magnetic pull towards employment opportunities underscores Arlington's status as a pivotal economic hub in the region, where talent converges to contribute to its continued growth and prosperity.

Navigating the vibrant DFW-Arlington region is a breeze, courtesy of an extensive network of interstate freeways, state highways, and tollways seamlessly linking key employment hubs with rapidly expanding communities.

26.9 minutes

average commute time for Arlington workers


people commute by car, truck or van

55% of all workers

live and work in Arlington