Incentives & Financing

The City of Arlington takes decisive action to fuel economic growth through a variety of incentives offered via the Arlington Economic Development Corporation and other key funding avenues. These incentives, meticulously tailored to drive job creation, attract new capital investment, and ignite community redevelopment, serve as strategic tools for propelling our city forward.

Provided and negotiated on a case-by-case basis, each incentive offering undergoes thorough scrutiny and evaluation before earning final approval from the Arlington City Council. This direct approach ensures that every incentive package aligns seamlessly with the specific needs and objectives of the projects they support, fostering a climate ripe for sustainable economic expansion and opportunity within our vibrant community.

Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Districts

Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones are created by authority of the Tax Increment Financing Act, Texas Tax Code, Chapter 311.

The Arlington City Council created the reinvestment zones, established a Board of Directors for each TIRZ and has granted the boards authority to exercise all powers necessary to implement their respective project and financing plans, consistent with state law.

The purpose of the TIF/TIRZ districts is to reimburse private developers for public infrastructure improvements that may contribute to a financial gap on a specific project. This reimbursement is funded by the added taxes generated by the new development that occurs within the boundaries of the district or zone.